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These are the items I put up at garagesalejapan because I'm still trying to get a Tommy February 6 doll! :D Just in case you have a burning desire to buy some CDs here you go.

Jpop/Jrock and Anime CDs
All are official Japan versions unless otherwise noted

Ai Otsuka - Love Jam $12

D'espairsRay - Coll:Set: $12

Escaflowne Movie OST: $12

Every Little Thing - Time to Destination, Many Pieces: $12 each, $20 for both

Glay - Beautiful Dreamer/Street Life: $7

Glay - Toki no Shizuku: $7
Buy both Glay singles for $10!

Koda Kumi - Best ~second session~ (CD only): $12

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Clicked Singles Best 13 (US version): $10

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Killing Me: $7

Mika Nakashima - Music $12

Namie Amuro - Style $10


Plastic Tree Single Collection: $12

Utada Hikaru - Final Distance: $7

Vampire Princess Miyu TV OST: $12

Chobits manga vol. 1-8: $5 each, $32 for the set
Chobits 2003 Calendar: $15 (if you want pictures, feel free to ask, my camera's battery died before I could take any) This is the spiral-bound type calendar on thick paper, it has pictures done in the manga style.

Marmalade Boy Vol. 1: $5.00

Clockwise from top left:
Oh My Goddess! - 1-555-GODDESS: $5.00
Cover is slightly worn
Oh My Goddess! - Love Potion No. 9: $5.00
Cover is slightly worn
Oh My Goddess! - Terrible Master Urd: $4.00
Oh My Goddess! - Sympathy for the Devil: $4.00

Clockwise from top left:
Oh My Goddess! - Mara Strikes Back!: $4.00
Oh My Goddess! - The Queen of Vengeance: $4.00
Oh My Goddess! - The Fourth Goddess: $4.00
Oh My Goddess! - The Devil in Miss Urd: $4.00

Ranma 1/2 Volume 3: $4.00
Ranma 1/2 Volume 5: $4.00
Rumiko Takahashi's Rumic Theater: $4.00

Samurai in Outer Space: Understanding Japanese Animation - $7.00
Scholarly analysis of anime including common motifs, historical background, and more
Star Wars: A New Hope Manga #4 - $4.00
You're Under Arrest! The Wild Ones - $7.00 SOLD

Manga Design by Masanao Amano: $30.00
Includes profiles and sample manga pages from over 100 manga artists. Also comes with a bonus DVD with interviews with manga artists, 900 manga covers, and a tour of a Tokyo manga shop.

Free Image Hosting at
Happy Bunny Kitty Pony: $12.00 SOLD
Retro-style drawings of adorable animals like duckies, horsies, puppies, and more!
Full Vinyl - The subversive art of designer toys: $20.00
Profiles and pictures of a variety of artists such as Mori Chack (Gloomy Bear), Mizuno Junko, and Simone Legno (Tokidoki)

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