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Hi to whoever's still reading! Well basically I'm not in school right now and I'm looking for jobs and going on interviews while trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life. I also turned 26 last week. That's my life right now!

Yesterday I bought the Hikari single by Utada Hikaru for $1 and it made me love her all over again! You know, Kingdom Hearts! That's never been one of my favorite songs, but it made me so nostalgic because I remember when it first came out. And that was the year Deep River came out and all those great singles that I liked better than the album songs. (Tokyo Nights is cool though) I read one of this year's interviews of her and when asked what makes her angry one of her answers was "people who stand in doorways". She was all, come on, it's a doorway! I love how she seems like just a common everyday girl at times. I'm the same age as Hikki! I'm not caught up on her music, I still need to get Heart Station and her latest English language one.
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